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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  January 22, 2014 8:00am-10:01am PST

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>> a smash and grab robbery caught on camera.
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>> subsidies that could reduce their overall health expense. target is facing mounting cost but is joining other companies like trader joes, home depot and
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other companies that have scaled back benefits. american's biggest employers are moving retirees to exchanges. and employers across the country and hundred school districts are cutting full-time hours down to part-time. target is going to pay $500 each and hire a firm to help people sign up for new plans. but this is part of the growing trend of businesses and local governments reexamining their health care cost and seeing them sore. and that is loosening to decade old list. >> and that list will grow and grow. concerns on the impact on
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obamacare on workers. target is dropping coverage for part-timers in april. and this is as new government reports are finding that the problem with the health care website is so serious and was so serious that a company got a $90 billion no-bid contract to take over the contract. we have a fox news contribter and a fox news analyst here. what is the picture that is going to be taken away? >> this is a leading indicator of what to come: it wasn't the
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individual insurance market that obamacare was transforming it was the insurance market from root to branch. the employer provided market is going to be the next to fall. big companies and a lot of smaller companies will throw their employees in the exchange. we will see tens of millions of people finding out around october of 2014, right before the election, that the promise they could keep their plan was a lie for them, too. >> juan was touching on the story. it is those who had insurance that are now shifting over to the aca. why is that significant and what does it mean for the law overall? >> well, i think this is part of the transformation. it is transforming the way health care is delivered in this
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country. what you see, jenna, happening at target is they are saying the part-timers and that is 10% with more than 300,000 employees, most of whom are not being effected by the changes, but 10% are being offered to go and get better health care through the change. >> they maybe getting cheaper. it could be better. but does anyone know if that is going to happen? >> that is what they think and that is why they are offering the $500 and people who will give the part-timers advice and guidance on how to get the better care. that is what you are seeing from walmart and others as well is
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that they have discovered they can get better coverage than what is offered. >> if it isn't the people who didn't have insurance that are joining the bucket but the people that had insurance does that mean the law is a failure at this point because the people that never had insurance are not the ones getting it right now? >> it means at minimum this whole thing was a huge bait and switch. we have been told for years and decades the whole point of health care reform was to get the uninsured insured. the president had to tell everyone they could keep their insurance, but it is the opposite. the uninsured are not running to sign up. the people who are signing up lost their existing plans.
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this is happening in increments. and people like juan says it is only these people. but each one is marching into the same machine gun nest and we are seeing taxes, premiums and deductibles going up to help the uninsured and they are not getting insured. it is all for the people who had insurance and told people they like their existing insurance >> the employer mandate has been delayed for a year and some of the companies are making the decision ahead of having to make the changes. but what was the machine gun nest comment? >> i think it is more like a warm embrace.
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what we are talking about is not only people who were uninsured and inadequately insured. a lot of people are getting a better deal. when you talk about uninsured and the problems, the flaws with the obamacare website, have slowed the enrollment process. even so we have seen good enrollment and with the outreach they will see more and more enrollment as we get toward the march deadline. we are talking about uninsured and people who are not adequately insured and they want to go to obamacare >> lots of them have to go to the exchanges because companies like target are telling them they have to go.
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in fact, target said most of the part-timers said don't give us this because you are making us in eligible from getting better coverage >> the liberal position is to bash them for bad health care or being mean. what else are they going to say other than you can get better coverage that we don't have to pay for. any big company isn't going to say we are screwing our employees. >> that is a question about whether companies are being alt alteristic or if this is dollars and cents. >> this is self-interesting
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governing in both cases. so the self-interest of these works is we can get better deals and coverage on obamacare. so you are seeing the individual american, the part-time working saying this is as a better deal. as far as target goes, they are discovering it would cost us too much to match the coverage given what we can demand from premium payment. so they are acting in their self interest in their profits as well. >> we will see what the part-time workers think about the new health care. a polling is showing the change of how folks think about the health care law as they have more time to get to know it. we look forward to having you back. thank you very much. >> machine guns -- a feisty
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example. a deep freeze after a massive storm that stretched a thousand miles impacting millions from kentucky all the way to new england. thousands of flights canceled and schools closed as well. the snow is falling in cape cod still. molly is live in massachusetts. >> reporter: we are on main street here and it isn't a busy day. the snow is coming down. the flurries whipping up. the wind is very high. what we are seeing is these big piles of snow piling up. we have seen the bob cats creating this. t the flags are flying. we are in a quite lull right now. the snow totals south of boston have been higher. 18 inches in hanover.
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but west of boston they have seen less snow but colder temperatures. low 20s on the cape but boston is 9 and out west is lower single digits. things are expected to taper off and clean up throughout the day. car coming around the corner and you can see the snow on the road. we don't want anyone slipping into us. it is quite and things are tapering off here finally. back to you, greg. >> molly line live in massachusetts. >> tmi -- too much information on facebook. bringing down a fugitive and how he got himself caught. and new security concerns in sochi ahead of the olympics. what is being done is ahead.
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>> and right now, new information on crime stories we are keeping a close eye. family and friends of a missing texas woman are searching for her. police seen leaving a family members home in garden ridge. police in indiana are trying to discover the reason for the deadly shooting yesterday. and pennsylvania fugitive caught after taunting the police online. the police busted him 45 minutes after he re-posted a police bulletin about himself on facebook. a jhe was wanted for aggravated
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assault. >> and the county of hungary is reporting their olympic community and others received e-mails threatening others with terrorist attacks. we have more on this story. >> the list of countries that received these e-mails and letters that they deem to be serious enough to send on to the ioc is growing. it is up to seven nations now that received these e-mails. obviously everybody is very much on edge about security ahead of the games which open on february
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7th in sochi. i talked to the committee at the head quarters and they are downplaying this saying this isn't a threat but quote the ioc takes security very seriously and passes on creditable information to the relevant services. but in this case, the e-mail contains though threat and appears to be a random message from a member of the public. the russian authorities are continuing their crackdown with militant groups saying they killed a leader of the group. and the u.s. is offering assistance now with security. president obama offered any assistance the united states can
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give and that includes high-tech equipment that was used to stop road size bombings. that is a situation that has every concerned. this is a serious threat. >> sparks shooting out of a truck as a driver tries to get away from deputies while he was desperate to escape. and peace talks underway and the bloody civil war in syria and even the nugoegz -- negotiations are getting hostill.
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>> right now, dramatic video showing sparks flying from a
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truck during a high-speed chase. strips blew out the tires of the trucks and he gave up after the officers surrounded him with guns drawn. it never works but they end up running anyway. >> peace talks started in switzerland to end the issues in syria. secretary of state said the president has no legitimaclegit. tens of thousands have been killed and millions forced from their homes. the fighting is raging on.
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the former foreign u.s. ambassador is here. they opened up saying the president must go. he thinks he is winning the war and the opposition is broke and divided and short on weapons. do you see any sustainable resolution? >> no, not through this peace conference. i think it is doomed to failure. i think in fact, you can make a case that the administration's policy on syria has been based on illusions for three straight years. the most important of which is the illusion that the united states and russia shared a common interest in the peaceful transition away from power. that has never been the russian
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stance. the notion these powers were going to talk about easing asad out isn't accurate and that is the bases of the obama policy. there were sparks at the beginning and it will fail at the time end we can just about bet on it. >> and our closest allies are wondering what the policy is. the chief of the british staff said the president's handling of syria is going backward and the president has no sense of what he wants to do in the world. what do you make of that? >> i think that is an optimistic reading of the president. if we w only ill-informed
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would be a better thing. i think the president thinks our strength is part of the problem and the world is safer with a less powerful america and i think that is the exact opposite truth. >> six months of talks which will likely be extended, and at the end, do you think in your judgment we would be closer that we shutdown iran's suspected program? >> no, the exact opposite happens. the deal in november in geneva
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that implementation started on monday is leaving them stronger and they are on the way to continuing the enrichment program and having nuclear weapons. they have broken through the international sanctions regime as well. you can look at the syrian, iran and israel plans are going to fail: >> does it make the approach seem naive? >> it is counter productive. certain assets will be lifted for iran to use them and certain
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sanctions will be lifted but by breaking the momentum of the sanctions, iran has shifted the pictures. so the companies that thought it was too risky will say we are open for business. so the total economic effect of this deal is far in excess of the administration's estimate. >> thank you very much. >> the olympics are getting terror threats and we will look at the security measures in russia and if enough is being done to keep our athletes safe. and new administration from the obama administration. big concerns about the health care website coming out and now soon they need to be fixed. soon they need to be fixed. when you have diabetes like i do,
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jon: still to come this hour, the winter olympics days away and there are growing concerns about security in russia. a speedskater warning his family to stay home. the situation straight ahead. and video of a van plowing into popeyes. customers running for their lives. more of what happened. plus we are learning about more benefits of drinking red wine,
8:33 am
eating dark chocolate, a doctor will be joining us to explain all of that. jenna: startling new admissions on obamacare made by the administration. new contract revealing major concerns of the site and a tight timetable. more on this story. >> hello, jenna. while expressing boundless confidence in the health care law, new documents show officials privately feared part of the website is so flawed it could bankrupt insurance companies and cripple obamacare if self. speak out we have to wait a month after month. obamacare telling us everything was fine, there was no problem and turn on a dime and fire their contractor. >> justify a no bid contract after firing cgi is the lead contractor. they released documents with a
8:34 am
rare glimpse into the biggest fears in the problems with the website was entire health-insurance industry at risk potentially leading to their default and disrupting continued services and coverage to consumers. and then it went even further saying the problems were not resolved by mid-march, "the entire health care reform program is jeopardized." the dangers were known in early december even though they continue the expanded optimism of how well obamacare is working anyway. something called the back end in which the administration had not even filled with open enrollment. >> it is opposed to be transmitted to insurance companies, insurance company knows who you are, what policy you picked. >> but the back end still has not been built so insurers are dealing with massive confusion and missing information on who signed up and what subsidies
8:35 am
they get. officials concede they were lying on estimates. >> here is the subsidy we think they are owed. please send us a check from the treasury. >> the honor system again. >> is no way to effectively match policies and people. >> even the administration concedes the whole system could extend into chaos. jenna: thank you. jon: more safety concerns of the start of the winter games in sochi draws near. downplaying terror threats made against athletes that can compete. assisting with security measures. let's talk about it with senior fellow at the national security affairs and the heritage foundation. always good to see you. how popular or unpopular are you
8:36 am
with the security apparatus that is being used to put it plainly, how safe you think it will be? >> we have to be very sober about the threat, there is a real threat. there will probably be some copycats, threats that may not actually be backed up by anything that we know with this al qaeda affiliated group, some of the splinter groups, the search for these potential black widows. it is a real threat there. i'm sure the international community including the united states is offering a lot of help with intelligence, intelligence is our first line of defense. are the russians willing to take that assistance, or do they think they can go at it alone? jon: president putin headed up the kgb, so there's a lot of pride with the security to surveillance, and so far he
8:37 am
appears to brush aside offers of assistance. a couple of questions, do you think he will in the end said okay, we can use the help, and number two, how close are our assets? i read we have a couple of ships and other assets. >> if putin can say one thing publicly but i hope privately he is accepting our assistance. we may not know what his intelligence and information deficits are, so can help fulfill them. even if he puts on a public face we can handle it, he is actually working with international community, but i can't be sure. we have some great technologies, some of the things we use in afghanistan and iraq to interrupt ied's, using radio waves. the ships are there potentially
8:38 am
something goes bad for evacuation purposes, for the deployed to germany if we have a situation probably as a response to the problems we had in places like benghazi. so we're taking steps but the russians have to accept our help in the help of others who may have some insight about increasing security for the athletes and foreign dignitaries. jon: what would be the biggest threat? homicide suicide bombers? is that the biggest worry? >> the lone wolf. the person building their bomb in the basement not sharing information with anybody. organize groups are easier to track down, makes it harder for them to perpetrate, but if you have individuals who may be doing this with very few people knowing of their intention, the lone wolf is the most challenging for any intelligence service in terms of
8:39 am
counterterrorism, that is why they are worried about these individuals, black widows who may already be inside this ring of steel as putin puts it. and then, there is the rest of russia. people will be flying into moscow and other places taking trains, et cetera. they want to give putin a black eye as the main terror groups, they can do something outside of that it would put a pail over the glory of the olympics. jon: as for the venue itself, the ring of steel, 65 miles by 25 miles it is supposed to be impenetrable. anything is penetrable. we were talking, the russians don't have constitutionally protected civil liberties as we do in america. so they are allowed in terms of surveillance and an investigation to be more heavy-handed? >> i think they have been pretty open about that.
8:40 am
i have been reading e-mails and cell phone calls, et cetera, et cetera, will be monitored for security purposes. this is a very different environment, expect the russians to be heavy-handed about this. putin wants this to come off without a hitch. all about russia coming out, so i think they really do not want any chances of an attack happening for all of the obvious reasons. >> good to see you. jenna: suv crashed into a restaurant where woman was eating. and a massive winter storm with high win and bitter cold. the deep freeze settling in. maria molina with the latest next.
8:41 am
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jenna: he is back. rob ford making a new admission to video services him babbling about the police chief. a deadly plane crash caught on camera. video suggesting what happened almondonce before it went down. former governor bob mcdonald facing very serious charges. what is the accusing of federal prosecutors. gregg: surveillance videotape shows a woman and a child running for their life. aand suv crashes into a popeye's restaurant, demolishing the table they were sitting. it happened in florida. the driver of the suv ran a red light, collided with another car before going straight through into the restaurant. and yes, several people were injured. jenna: fox weather alert,
8:45 am
dangerously cold temperatures affecting americans after massive winter storm stretching from kentucky to new england. lasting more than a foot of snow in some areas. thousands of flights are cancelled, schools closed and government work in washington disrupted for a while. now it is just really, really cold outside. meteorologist maria molina joins us with more periods before you are talking record snowfall across a big cities like philadelphia and washington, d.c., picking up 8 inches. some locations in eastern massachusetts were actually recording 18 inches of snow, a foot and a half. here are some of the totals in baltimore and the do more than 5 inches, that is a record for them for that day. new york city 11.5 inches of snow in central park. parts of southeastern massachusetts, that is where we have the highest totals, plymouth county, 18 inches of
8:46 am
snow. it is still snowing out there. some ocean and hence snowfall, silly warmer water and cold air moving over it is producing something like lake effect snow but it is more ocean effect. blizzard warnings in effect. snow still coming down. the blizzard warning in effect until early this afternoon. farther west though, take a look at minnesota, we have a new blizzard warning issued out here, this one is more because of the strong wind producing a ground blizzard across the upper midwest. that will be another concern. we will see a reinforcing surge of cold air across eastern half of the country. like our last winter blast, very short-lived, only two days of cold temperatures, but take a look at the forecast very cold winter chill across eastern half of the country. tonight cold temperatures yet
8:47 am
again. thursday night lows, take a look at georgia and atlanta in the teams, single digits in kentucky and by friday night cold in the eastern half of the country, so all of the snow that fell is not going anywhere in the northeast or the midwest. jenna: i had asked about the big game. will we get another snowstorm? >maria: east rutherford hit 14 inches of snow. it is way too early to tell. they bring the tells you there will a big storm, we can't even put a snow total forecast for the next couple of days in advance. it is very tough to tell a week and a half away but climatology tells us it will be cold and we will keep an eye on it. jenna: we're all looking forward to that.
8:48 am
maria: i may be going, so i hope there will be no snow. presidenjenna: it will be drama. maria: i am from florida, can't handle that. jenna: hopefully she will get us an extra ticket. gregg: that would be great. the manhunt for jewel thieves caught on camera. hoping this videotape will lead them to the suspect seen breaking and entering. what they did inside. do you love chocolate and red wine? you can wash it all together. the health benefits that researchers just found out about consuming them both. female announcer: it's time to make room
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jenna: we have some breaking news from the white house now. conditions order for the president has come up with recommendations on election reform coming as part of the response to the long lines at polls in the past few elections. something that comes up every year, so how can we control this? former counsel to the president's election campaign and national council for republican presidential nominee mitt romney 2008 and 2012 campaign, both are cochairs of the presidential commission on election administration. it is great to have you both. and no this is a little bits per the moment, but we appreciate having you both join us. bob, let me start with you. an assessment of the last six months of what was really wrong, things to improve in the election process. what was number one on your list? >> well, the report ranges over number of different issues.
8:53 am
all of which have to do with the voting. lines are among them, but when you look behind the lines, you see there are a variety of factors that produce lines, a lot of issues. management of the polling place, and accuracy of voter rolls in many jurisdictions. there are many points of attack. if we successfully address those points, we improve the experience of the voters overall. we discovered these problems are interconnected and they are various. jenna: talked was a little little bit more about that. the initial part of your report more than 100 pages, i think, one of the things that you point to is the things that can be done at home, how to promote those items before somebody actually shows up in the voting booth. >> as bob said, it is all about improving the experience of the voter. there are many things we can agree on on a bipartisan basis. although bob and i have battled
8:54 am
each other in elections for 30 years. but part of that is to ensure all legally qualified voters can cast their ballot easily. that has to do with things like being able to register online so the voters can check the accuracy of what the agency has done. it involves having voters being able to study what the ballot is like so when they go to the polling place they can make their choices more expeditiously and not cause lines. it certainly has to do with overall being able to prepare properly for elections, know where your polling places are and have an expectation of that facility in which you will easily be able to cast a ballot and legally qualify. jenna: the voting experience varies from region to region. in the south absentee ballots early voting seems to be done more than in the west.
8:55 am
it seems everybody should be able to show up and vote in 30 minutes to matter where they are. how realistic is that for the next election? >> our expectations believe these recommendations to have immediate effects. we would like to see them have some impact in 2014. more impact in 2016. there is no reason to believe this can't happen quickly. there are steps to be taken and having difficulties that significantly shorten lines and address other frustrations. the report addresses language minority voters, disabilities, military voters and we made recommendations in all those areas to improve the voting experience. jenna: a quick, final question for you in a little outside the box. we're talking about online registration for example being able to update your status. how close do you think we are to online voting or voting by text
8:56 am
message and not even having to show up at a voting place? i am thinking about the "american idol" model if you forgive me. >> i think we're still pretty far away. something people think a lot about, but we did talk to any number of experts in the area, i think we are so far away from that, but it is one of those things people are thinking about and looking for solutions if the solutions can be found. jenna: it will be interesting to be seen if we do get there. i know you have lunch with the president, so we will not stand in the way of that. thank you so much for the time. >> thank you be at gregg: quick correction i said something, putin was an officer in the kgb, was not a the start up for the kgb. investigation continues, a live report coming up next.
8:57 am
plus, thousands of flights are cancelled after a massive snowstorm. we will have the latest are. so my dog and i we're going to go find it. it's out there somewhere spreading the good word about idaho potatoes and raising money for meals on wheels. but we'd really like our truck back, so if you see it, let us know, would you? thanks. what?
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jenna: hittings noon on the east coast. we have break news out of israel. al qaeda plot to attack the u.s. embassy and in tel aviv is foiled. leland individual certificate live from jerusalem, with the latest. leland. >> reporter: seems to be pretty involved plot involving al qaeda recruiters from syria who actually recruited israelis. that is significant. these are people who are already in the country, had israeli i.d. cards from east jerusalem and working towards carrying out a plot in tel aviv and the building right here behind me. so far israelis arrested at least three people here involved in this. we're getting local reports that have details what this plot would have involved. three separate suicide bombers
9:01 am
would have attacked the convention center. two suicide bombers trying to head to the u.s. embassy there in tel aviv. pictures you're seeing of the u.s. embassy certainly show a very fortified facility there, right along the mediterranean sea front inside of tel aviv. right at heart of this city, during the second intifada, it clearly target ad number of restaurants were targeted by suicide bombings. this is the first time we're seeing these kind of plots being hatched by foreign forces, being al qaeda and then coming in to the heart of israel. according to local reports it seems as though these individuals these israelis citizens or palestinians, who were living in the west bank that were recruited were recruited online by someone who went by the trade name, the outstanding one from syria. and that is where we get the al qaeda connection here is al qaeda that that is al qaeda operating by facebook and skype.
9:02 am
a number of those conversations were intercepted by israeli law enforcement. we don't know there was any involvement in the u.s. in terms of data collection or surveillance assets being put in place to try to monitor these communications that were going on between the folks who wanted to attack the u.s. embassy and handlers and overseas. there was some discussion taking folks here, out of israel, flying them to turkey and sneaking them into al qaeda camps inside syria, jenna. that is probably what offers most insight here how al qaeda could be involved is that you have this operational base now inside syria where they are training jihadis and some discussion locally that a number of folks who were going to be involved in this tack would be flown in from syria via turkey here to israel to attack the u.s. embassy. jenna? jenna: this news is breaking and getting our arms around it. do you have any indication why now? why this attack was planned at
9:03 am
this time? >> reporter: no indication in terms of exact timing. remember back in the middle of 2013, ayman al-zawahiri, leader of al qaeda, went on his video post and talked about attacking israel as something that al qaeda wanted to do, whether the plot began back then and then moved through the planning process over the part of six months or not, whether that was impetus and whether al qaeda had this base in syria and being able to try to put people into israel and then recruit these guys in israel, it was a target of opportunity, but clearly picked targets that were extremely noticeable. had great deal of meaning and embassy in tel aviv and convention center here in jerusalem. jenna: you have iran negotiations. everything happening in syria. restations to the olympics. we'll look forward to reporting throughout the day, leland, thank you very much. gregg: brand knew developments
9:04 am
in top stories and breaking news this hour, dramatic new videotape of plane crash in the rocky mountains as investigators figure out why it took a nosedive suddenly and burst into flames. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell telling his side of the story. why he said he did nothing illegal as he fires back against bribery and corruption charges. 41 years to the day after the supreme court's landmark decision on abortion, the row v. wade ruling was the right to life movement is doing today. it is all happening now. we have a fox news weather alert on the aftermath of that major winter blast with the weather danger, it is far from over. i caught a few people gaping over my shoulder, slip-sliding away behind us. jenna: it is pretty icy out there. gregg: i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. jenna: i hope your cozy
9:05 am
somewhere. i'm jenna lee. some spots hit with more than a foot with the storm pounding states in new england. high wind creating blizzard conditions and making road travel very tough. road travel on feet or by car as gregg points out, this is a snowstorm heads out to sea and bitter cold takes hold. the mercury plunging below zero in spots. frigid temperatures set to stick around for days. spots far from the winter blast are feeling storm effects. we have team fox coverage, adam housley is live in los angeles. we'll start with david lee miller in red bank new jersey, a closer to some of the bad weather, david. what is it looking like out there? >> jenna, one number can sum up the situation here in red bank and throughout much of the northeast. the number here, is nine. it is nine degrees here in red bank, according to the windchill statistics, it feels like minus
9:06 am
8 degrees. everyone will agree it is very, very cold. there are advisories out. if you're going to be leaving your home, dress appropriately. there is the risk of frostbite and hypothermia. take a look at broad street here in red bank. you can see it is slowly returning to normal. traffic is out. although moving slowly. and you can see there is still some snow still covering some of the primary streets but the plow trucks have been out through the night and most roads are passible. throughout the northeast, one fatality reported. car in maryland skidded off the road causing one death. road conditions remain very slippery. video from long island, new york recorded a few hours ago. you can see traffic there was moving. but again cautiously. the road in long island and throughout much of the region, very, very difficult. hundreds of fender benders
9:07 am
reported. and, the bad news, the cold weather is going to continue for the next several days and, yes, flurries predicted in the region on sunday. jenna? jenna: a lot to look forward to, david lee, thank you. gregg: massive snowstorm grounding flights across the northeast. ripple effects across the country. team fox coverage continues with adam housley live at lax. adam? >> yeah, gregg, much different look than 12 hours ago. when you go inside you see cancellations on board but few compared to yesterday. much of the problem is still incoming rather than outgoing, there have been number of delays outgoing. number of delays had time, and passengers have time to adapt on going weather problems on the east coast. from here in los angeles, we have a look of course at rage ban national airport, which seems to be doing better as well. there is snow there and passengers stranded overnight. told you latest numbers from
9:08 am
flightaware, show six flights are canceled at reagan national. in new york, 3cancellations, both airports have 40 delays, the latest numbers we received as the ongoing weather issues do cause problems. if you look across the board, actually, chicago and some of major hubs a few have been canceled. a much better look at travelers. we met travelers stranded here yesterday. thank fully getting on flights today, and headed toward final destinations there is bad news on the east coast, in regard to weather. some of that weather would be welcome in california where we're looking for moisture of any type, anywhere, at anytime. gregg? gregg: pretty serious drought. adam housley, thanks very much. right now president obama begins his 6th year in office facing near record low approval ratings. and as a new op-ed in "real clear politics" says, his poor standing with voters may drag
9:09 am
down other democrats and cause headaches for senate candidates in midterm elections. joining us now our political panel. lynn sweet, washington bureau chief, chicago sun times. charlie hirt, columnist for "the washington times." good to see you both. lynn, historically, it was a real good piece in "real clear politics," low approval ratings of past presidents does drag down the party in midterm elections. and they project, that if the president's approval ratings doesn't get above 43%. it is roughly 42 right now, wean now and november, republicans will take the u.s. senate. now, that's a pretty big if. and 43 is pretty low. what is your reaction? >> well, i think it is a warning shot to democrats. they have to work very, very hard. but, november is a long way off. democrats, you know, this prediction doesn't have to be destiny but certainly any
9:10 am
democrat going into a competitive race would rather have democratic president doing better than not. there is a new "quinnepiac poll" out just now, not only are his ratings low but voters don't think his priorities are right and that to me is a little more alarming than just general approval rating because often candidates run on the same platform as their present in the white house. gregg: charlie, president obama's ratings could bounce back. a long time between now and november. you could have republican challengers who absolutely flame out. it happened in 2010. delaware, nevada, elsewhere. where, do you how do you see it unfolding? >> that is very good point, gregg. if you look at president george w. bush's second term, at this point in his second term it looked like it was going to be an absolute disaster. and they managed to sort of blunt a lot of that by the time
9:11 am
the election, midterm rolled around. second term midterms are always bad for the, for the party in power. and, i have to say, that i can not imagine a scenario, while it is possible, i can not imagine a scenario where, where they will be able to turn it around. i mean in order to do it they have to completely turn around their fortunes with obamacare is sure. >> and that is going to be pretty difficult. president obama set obamacare up in a way the most painful parts of it wouldn't really hit, it would be delayed and wouldn't be hit until he was safely reelected. you also, that doesn't hold true for the democrats in congress who voted for it. and, so, you know, it is going to be, it is going to be a real, i think it will be a real rough road between now and november for democrats. gregg: president is reportedly use his state of the union address to argue in favor of
9:12 am
what is sort of the democratic campaign theme for the year. that is income inequality. but even people in his own party are saying, mr. president, that is huge mistake. people care about jobs and economic breath. is it a mistake. >> well, they have been running up to this for months now. income inequality. i would think democrats would say the very things you talk about, good economy and jobs lead to income, lead to closing the gap which is very, very wide now. so i think nothing will move off that tack when we get to the state of the union next week. one quick point. even though we're talking about megatrend with his bad ratings dragging down democratic candidates. we know candidates fortunes can turn on a dime. look no further than governor chris christie. gregg: thing we didn't get to talk about, the millenials. who are abandoning the president, that may be a huge fact pour in november. i shortchanged you.
9:13 am
breaking news at top. make it up in the future. lynn sweet, charlie it had. great to see you both. jenna: new research that provide even more evidence that chocolate and red wine could be good for you. new hangover cure, is it for real? dr. kevin campbell is here with good news. if you can afford it, next. [ coughs, sneezes ] i have a big meeting when we land, but i am so stuffed up, i can't rest. [ male announcer ] nyquil cold and flu liquid gels don't unstuff your nose. they don't? alka seltzer plus night fights your worst cold symptoms, plus has a decongestant. [ inhales deeply ] oh. what a relief it is.
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jenna: interesting new study shows indulging in chocolate and red wine can benefit more than just your tasted buds of the you probably heard this before. but british researchers found something different. they found that the red wine and dark chocolate and all that good stuff can actually help protect against type 2 diabetes. dr. kevin campbell and practicing cardiologist and
9:17 am
professor of medicine at university of north carolina. we have bigger percentage of type 2 diabetes, associated with obesity. so why would chocolate help with something associated with obesity? >> you know it is interesting, chocolate and red wine, contain chemicals call flavoniods. these chemicals improve the way our body respond to insulin and lower levels. typediabetes don't respond well to insulin resistance. these chemicals in the wonderful chocolates and wines improve the way we respond to insulin. jenna: in previous studies, we talked about this a few times, doc, dark chocolate and red wine we have to consume quite a bit, to get benefit. how much do you need to consume to get most out of flavoniods? >> they didn't look at that specifically in the study.
9:18 am
we know previous studies and having a bite of chocolate and wine every night confers cardiovascular benefits. if you eat a pile of chocolate every day you will gain weight and develop type 2 diabetes. it is all one piece of the puzzle. unfortunately no magic pill. jenna: we're all looking for that. interesting to note that the study found these flavonoids in apples and oranges. they don't make the same adline, doc. >> wine and chocolate go to well together. jenna: you're the type of doctor i've been looking for all my life. let me ask you guys something else. we found this side story and a little bit of a trend we're noticing, in some big cities like new york city and las vegas. these are cities where, believe it or not, people may suffer from a hangover. there is a service now offered in new york city that consists of iv hydration therapy.
9:19 am
so what happens, doc, you can call somebody. they will come to your house. give you an iv and say it is hankover cure. is it? will iv cure hangover? what do you think about this as a doc? this is a doctor showing up to your house, it is not some stranger. what do you think about this. >> one of the things that making us feel so awful after drinking so much is dehydration. alcohol is a diuretic. if you mix alcohol with caffeinated beverage that is double die rhett i can. if you drink to excess you lose electrolytes and alcohol converts to substance in the liver and gives you muscle aches and fatigue. if you give iv hydration, you will feel better right away because you got hydration. jenna: will it last all day. >> it actually will last. some of these ivs they put in electrolytes and salts in the
9:20 am
blood you may have lost being dehydrated, also some of them put in anti-inflammatoriry medicines which help headache. it makes really good sense. just like everything in the u.s., we're looking for a quick fix. we have to balance the convenience of getting an iv after having too much wine and chocolate the night before, to, you know the risks that you put your liver and rest of the body to. all about moderation. jenna: i want to point to our viewers. promotional video from the website to the iv doctor, which you can call the doctor to show up. costs 199 to $249 depending what you put in the iv you can put what you mentioned, doc, b-12. is there any risk getting an iv at your house? i'm wondering is there any questions a consumer should ask who is showing up with the packet attached to your body. i think you want to make sure it's a licensed medical professional.
9:21 am
when sticking needle in someone's arm to stick iv in. make sure they're using single-use needles and injectibles and that sort of thing. you certainly don't want to get infection from using needle or being done improperly. the ones i read about are licensed physicians. one is anesthesiologist. they have trained registered nurses and pas on their crews. >> apparently it is a big business. where they said some 40-year-old wall streeters. that is core audience. not television anchors. want to point that out. >> that's right. jenna: dr. campbell, thank you very much. interesting to see what they come up with next as always. >> thank you for having me. gregg: all right. the second amendment, should somebody allowed to purchase a gun for another person. that question is at the heart of a case right now before the u.s. supreme court. coming up next, we'll discuss exactly what is at stake here and how the high court is expected rule.
9:22 am
marching for life. we'll have a live report from themation's capitol where thousands of pro-life-supporters are trying to make their voices heard. we'll be right back.
9:23 am
9:24 am
9:25 am
gregg: right now the u.s. supreme court is taking up a case with major implications for gun rights advocates. issue here and what justices are asked to decide whether it should be a crime for someone to purchase a gun for another person, who is also legal i entitled to own a weapon. wayne cates joins us. good to see you, wayne. if both individuals are allowed to possess a gun, i'm wondering
9:26 am
where's the crime here? you know the second amendment, i agree is not absolute. but, in order for a state to regulate the second amendment, there has to be a compelling public safety interest. where is there one in this case? >> it also has to be narrowly tailored. the original law was narrowly tailored. you couldn't buy guns for people that couldn't buy a gun on their own. gregg: right. >> convicted felons, people with psychological problems. the law morphed to where you can not sell a gun. does that mean if i buy a gun at a gun store i can never sell a gun to anybody? all this man was trying to use his police discount to get his uncle a gun at a discount. made his uncle pass a background check before he bought the gun.
9:27 am
gregg: wendy, if ultimate buyers and intermediate buyers are both lawfully allowed to buy a gun and have a gun where is the crime? what is wrong with that? >> the problem we can't pick and choose laws we'll follow based on whether or not we agree with the rational. here it is true. the only difference the nephew got discount for being ex-law enforcement. problem choosing whether or not we obey a law whether we agree with it, is anarchy. he lied on the form, when he bought the gun he knew he wasn't going to be possess sore and made the decision and paid for transfer of ownership to his uncle. that was the problem. gregg: all right. let me switch subjects now. we want to turn to a 14-count indictment of the governor bob mcdonnell, former governor of virginia and his wife. they are accused of taking a lot of money and gifts, 165,000 worth allegedly from a businessman in exchange for access and favors in promoting
9:28 am
the man's business. you know, look, you're a defense attorney, so i'm wondering what the former governor's defense is? will he say hey, wait a minute. these are personal loans. that is not illegal. guess what? i was only helping a constituent because that is part of my job? >> well, you know, what he did wasn't right and wasn't smart and probably shouldn't have done it but i don't think it is illegal. as you said, these were personal gifts, personal loans. and what the what the company got in exchange was just to be able to sit next to him. his wife would show up and, no different than president obama going to solyndra and making a speech about how wonderful solyndra is and how it will help? he was trying to create business and jobs for his state, you know. it may not have been smart but i don't think it was illegal. gregg: you know, wendy, several of these counts, when you look at indictments, 43 pages long, they deal with this notorious
9:29 am
honest services, even supreme court took a big swipe at that, calling, largely vague and ambiguous an overbroad. can't the o'donnells argue, look, nothing of material value here was conferred to the businessman because there were no contracts extended to him and his business. no state grants, no economic incentives? >> well that brings up a couple of good points that you raised. first of all, how do we define material advantages? how do we define value? i have read all 43 pages of indictment. it is incredibly detailed. outlines two years worth of events very specific. it deals with a lot of what most of us, would call, luxury items. the allegations are that it was a quid pro quote. it wasn't personal relationship where generosity was being received. it is i will scratch your back, you scratch mine. that is allegations as they stand now, spell out. i know they're only allegations. that is what they're dealing
9:30 am
with now. they are very specific i might point out as well. gregg: well the real problem may be, allegations of lying and obstruction you know. it is old watergate saying. it is never crime but the cover-up. we'll leave it at that. duane indicates, wendy patrick. good to see you both. >> thank you. >> thanks, gregg. jenna: it is snow-going across a big chunk of the country, with millions of folks digging out from massive winter storm but mother nature is not done yet. new concern taking shape right now. we're live with the story. talks aimed at ending the bloody civil war with syria. what secretary of state john kerry just said about the future of president assad and how syria is reacting. we're live with the story next.
9:31 am
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9:35 am
the city is back to regular schedule. what the federal government had yesterday off, today operating on a two hour delay. school kids in the district of colombia and surrounding counties have the day off again. when you factor in the mlk holiday, that means a six day weekend for lots of school kids. expecting the high today in washington of about 14 degrees. windchill this morning of about 10 below zero, so it has been very, very cold. having a huge impact on transportation across the country of course. flight delays of 3800. cancellations and flights of about 1600 today. operating i modified schedule today up and throughout the northeast corridor and on harrisburg pennsylvania, and new york, new york, city lines. that said, even in the workaholic city like washington people were taking timeout for little bit of fun. some nice, light snow and social
9:36 am
media and what you end up with is a great big snowfall, snowball fight. we had hundreds of people participating in that. because the snow is so light and fluffy with 14 degrees temperatures, no injuries reported. jenna, back to you. jenna: thank you. gregg: in the meantime new video picture of the fiery impact of a deadly plane crash in aspen colorado. make a second attempt to land in harsh wintry conditions earlier this month when it comes in very hard taking a nosedive into the runway and burst into flames killing the pilot and injuring two others. live in denver with the very latest of this story. >> yes, national transportation safety board still investigate in the cause of the crash, but we're getting a look at what officials are using in part to try to figure out what exactly what went wrong and that
9:37 am
generally fifth flight. this is a compilation of five different surveillance cameras. these are heat sensing cameras and with the video being infrared, shows heat bright white light. you can see the plan at the moment of impact on the runway bouncing off and back into the air and coming down nose first. you can see the plane bursting into flames and sliding down the runway. the three men on board were all pilots from mexico. one died, one sustained critical injuries remains in the hospital today, the third person released from the hospital last week. officials say the three left southern mexico, stopped in phoenix and headed to aspen to pick up family and friends. it was incredibly windy that day. the ntsb released a report saying the plane had a tail wind up 21 miles per hour with gusts up to 28 miles per hour. they believe the weather played a role in the crash.
9:38 am
the pilot contacted the control tower about the approach. observers say they aborted the first landing. i separate flight. i called control and asked what is with all of the smoke behind it. there was an incident here on the runway. it is only being released by colorado [act by the nonprofit has been journalism organization. gregg: thank you very much. jenna: back to washington, d.c., where thousands of people are braving the wind and the cold for the annual march for life rally. the group gathering to protest 31 use of the controversial supreme c wade. live with more. >> the theme of this year's march is "adoption." that is a noble option and he roe decision for pregnant women
9:39 am
rather than abortion. the pro-life members are braving below freezing temperatures to be here for the march today protesting 3000 babies are aborted every day in the u.s. according to the national rights to life committee. here is more. >> i would love to see roe versus wade overturned in my lifetime. >> hundreds of thousands stand in solidarity. we will make a statement in washington, d.c., saying we are pro-life generation standing up for the unborn. >> the marchers are getting support from the vatican today. pope francis wrote i joined the march for life in washington with my prayers. may god help us accept all life including the most vulnerable. this is a first anniversary of roe versus wade since the abortion doctor was convicted of killing babies born during botched divorces.
9:40 am
since then, some states have added restrictions on clinics. requiring the abortion doctors be certified to admit their patients to nearby hospitals in case of emergency but pro-choice advocates say the new laws are not improving care. >> it makes it very difficult for poor people and for women who live in rural areas to access abortion care. having to drive many times out-of-state or hundreds and hundreds of miles to take several days off from work instead of being able to perhaps take one day or two away from work to get the abortion care they need. >> as always when the pro-life marchers are on the mall, they will march to the supreme court. jenna: molly, thank you. gregg: high-stakes and low expectations for peace talks aimed at ending the bloody civil war in syria.
9:41 am
city of state john kerry arriving in switzerland last night. he joins some 40 foreign ministers for a heated opening session over the future of syrian president is raging even before friday's talks get down and dirty, if you will, of his regime and rebel leaders. in london with the latest. greg. >> heaven watching it. it should below expectations for this conference, a follow-up to an earlier conference with the fighting in syria. today's meeting happened to the nearby switzerland town, it was significant because it was the first time nearly three years of unrest in syria representatives of the syrian government and some of the opposition sat down at the same big table. beyond that mostly both sides checking out their own position including the key one of many a new transitional government be put in place in syria in that government would not include
9:42 am
current syrian president. here's a little bit of what secretary of state john kerry had to say today. take a listen. >> he will not be a part of that transition government. there is no way possible in the imagination that the man who has led the brutal response of his own people to regain legitimacy to govern. >> now that is a line of syria's foreign minister has no chance for power assad is staying. countries outside of syria are supporting militants inside. he went on and on, over his time. he spoke for about half an hour. all the while underscoring the urgency of this fighting continuing inside syria leaving something like 130,000 dead, millions homeless. the next phase of the talks happens friday, and then both sides will get in the same room to start negotiate and come up
9:43 am
with some much-needed humanitarian gestures. i talked to one key analyst this afternoon, asked him from what you are seeing today, is there any kind of hope? he said none whatsoever. i noticed a softening the foreign minister spoke perhaps the cohost of this conference with the u.s. in russia gives arm-twisting to get them in light of little bit but we should be hearing from senator john kerry shortly. gregg: thank you so much. jenna: command heels of a shooting at purdue university, we have reports of the campus of the university of oklahoma. taking a look at their website, there are reports of a shooting on campus. students are told to seek immediate shelter in place and ignore the hall. i believe it is the college of architecture, but we will have to check that.
9:44 am
that is initial report at this time. students being told to shelter in place after reports of a shooting at the university of oklahoma. more after the break. [ female announcer hands were made for playing. ♪ legs, for crossing. ♪ et...splashing. better things than the joint pain and swelling of moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. if you're trying to manage your ra, now may be the time to ask about xeljanz xeljanz (tofacitinib) is a small pill, not an injection or infusion, for adults with moderate to severe ra for whom methotrexate did not work well. xeljanz is an ra medicine that can enter cells and disrupt jak pathways, thought to play a role in the inflammation that comes with ra. xeljanz can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis. serious, sometimes fatal infections andancers have happened in patients taking xeljanz.
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mayo? corn dogs? you are so outta here! aah! [ female announcer ] the complete balanced nutrition of great-tasting ensure. 24 vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, and 9 grams of protein. [ bottle ] ensure®. nutrition inharge™. jenna: fo fox news alert. the building they are being told to avoid. reports of shots fired on the campus of the university of oklahoma. it is the californi university f architecture. just to give you an idea of where it is located. we don't have any reports of injury thus far. other reports of shots fired. students are being told to shelter in place. some is describing it as a cap is in lockdown but only our first sort of look into the
9:48 am
police response and activity on campus right now. as we hear more, what exactly transpired at university of oklahoma, we will bring you back there as we get it. gregg: all eyes on iowa. even in this non-presidential year, it is still caucus time with the g.o.p. signaling the midterms and beyond. live in cedar rapids. hi, carl. >> the evidence, gregg, is the 2016 caucuses will be the first in the nation as a have been for decades in iowa. presidential politics is a big deal and the parties want to make sure the democratic and republican sides are already gearing up for that. last night mainstream establishment conservative republicans went to the g.o.p. caucuses, and one of the discussions they were having was trying to replace leadership of the state republican party because ever since the 2012
9:49 am
caucuses, residential caucuses in which ron paul was running and got the majority of the delegates from that race, ron paul strain of republican conservatives has been running the eye with republican party. too much emphasis on the libertarian part and they are trying to take back control of the party for mainstream conservatives. here's a little sampling of what was going on last night. >> if people want to support ron paul, that's fine, but there are people who still conservatives. there are people who want to support ron paul because they are anarchists i don't have any business in this party. speak a little bit of tough frederick. they're trying to work through all of this. they want to be as prepared as possible to win a seat in congress here in iowa in 2016 and now make the best possible presidential candidate in 2016. right now the list is at least a
9:50 am
dozen. great discussion about chris christie as well. many here saying the bridge controversy and the things he is dealing with now are to them important, but they also remember the 2012 campaign mr. christie asked for a lot of help from the president for super storm sandy when mitt romney needed chris christie's help and thought some emphasis should have been better spent on republicans then with president obama. gregg: thanks. jenna: we will return to oklahoma where there are reports of shots fired on the campus there be at 30 minutes police are responding to reports of shots fired. we don't have any information of what exactly happened on campus or reports of injury. students are being told to shelter in place, not sure, this is just a helicopter shot where receding from the area where the students came from. they're being told to stay inside. the latest on the twitter feed much updated with what is going on is there is no new
9:51 am
information and to remain sheltered in place. we will keep you posted as we hear more. more after this quick break. try new alka seltzer fruit chews. they work fast on heartburn and taste awesome. these are good. told ya! i'm feeling better already. [ male announcer ] new alka seltzer fruits chews. enjoy the relief! [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. [ m'm... ] great taste. [ tapping ] sounds good. campbell's healthy request. m'm! m'm! good.® ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
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9:54 am
jenna: a quick fox news alert taking you momentarily what is happening in ukraine today. reports of three dead in a violent clashes can string in the streets of the capital of that country. many people angry in ukraine of the government's decision moving closer to russia then the eu. many citizens in the ukraine protesting wants to have closer alliances with the eu. two men apparently were killed with a bullet wound, the police say another one dead after tumbling off a football stadium after fighting with police. according to reuters again.
9:55 am
the eu says this will not be business as usual and are working on a response. what can be done at this point is a big question as his protests have raged for the last two months. fire in the street and people dead as well. protesting the government actions in ukraine. more as we get it. gregg: this just in, reports of a shooting on the campus of the university of oklahoma in norman. students are being told to shelter themselves in place in at least one hall wigan reports of the shooting. this was a message sent out the students and personnel on campus. shooting on campus, avoid gould hall, seek immediate shelter in place. gould hall is the architectural building on the south side of the campus near the football stadium. please first report at about 11:17 oklahoma time and then
9:56 am
minutes later all of the text and e-mail messages and cell phone messages went out to everybody on campus there. if you turn to social media, some people weighing in. one woman says she is in the kate center, apparently nearby on campus, says people were knocking on her door and sort of freaking her out, but we have no word of any victim or victims. we will continue to keep you posted. this is an aerial shot of the campus. norman police set up a perimeter and may be going building to building to try to seek out the location of the shots fired and any gunmen who may be at large. we will be right back with our coverage. ♪
9:57 am
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begins right now. fox news alert. reports of shots fired in the university of oklahoma. norman, oklahoma. students were given a sheltener place order. police are on campus and setting up a perimeter and we saw moments ago a swat team arrive and go inside of the building in gould hall. they started to sweep the area and it is a fluid situation. it is not known if there is a victim or location of the shooter or how many shooters there may have been. and we are working to confirm this. those nearby suggesting they heard two shots when the story first broke. >> we are looking at earlier video now. and we'll bring you the live shots as soon as we have it. this is where the swat team is going to enter the building. we kw


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